Friday, November 4, 2016

Disgusting: PPD using trickery against drivers

Not surprising of course. Some Portsmouth residents are demanding the blood of their neighbor. Force evil cell phone users to pay up! So what does PPD do? They use undercover cops! They set up a sting to nab the evil-doers.

Will it be enough? If people still use their cell phones, will these mini Mussolinis demand the police to use their guns? What is it with people’s fetish for law enforcement? (Of course, it’s only enforcement of the laws they follow, not those they don’t—how many of these people drive higher than the posted speed limit?)

Notice, this has nothing to do with safety any more. This is just the growth and enforcement of bureaucracy. If it weren’t, someone might realize that traffic fatalities have increased since the cell phone ban.

The ratchet turns.

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