Sunday, February 12, 2017

ENL word choice skews discussion

In there article about the deliberative session, their title is "Exeter deliberative session squabbles over town manager contract." The definition of "squabble" is
noisy altercation or quarrel over petty matters.

Do you see how the word skews the whole story? You, petty citizen, are angry about a seven-year contract for one of the highest-paid bureaucrats in Exeter? How dare you bother us over such trifling matters. Shut up and open your wallet. Russ 100k Dean needs his ransom.\

And what in the world is Belanger talking about? "Longevity"??? What does that even mean?

Plain and simple: this is a crony deal where the tax consumers mulct the rest of us.

Shame on them.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Exeter: more spending, more make-work

Like a frog in a pot of water, the heat just keeps rising. Big surprise: town bureaucrats need more money. Russ 7-year-contract Dean calls it "additional funding." Of course, he means more of your money grifted through taxes. As a public servant, why doesn't Dean just pay back all his salary over the course of his fancy new contract? That should pay for the entire make-work project to keep molding Exeter into Portsmouth--the grand vision!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Tiny step toward liberty in Exeter!

Pop the champagne: an Exeter resident has a popular (!) warrant article to reduce the winter parking ban to only those nights when a bad storm is predicted. Good for him!

I wonder who will make the argument that this will "reduce revenues" to the police department, and when that person will claim that it represents an increased tax burden. (Obviously, the solution is to cut the police budget!)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chartrand and Dean: corrupt as ever

Pay no attention, Citizen. Dan "beautify my storefront" Chartrand and Russ "100k in perpetuity" Dean have no interest in even the facade of honesty. They feed off each other: Chartrand supports Dean's crazy 7-year contract, and Dean supports Chartrand's wild spending. Both are corrupt cronies robbing the taxpayer blind. They are thieves.

Of note is Chartrand's (and Belanger's and Gilman's) excuse that their lawyer argues that the prior warrant article is non-binding. All well and good, but I'd say that doesn't matter. If the people vote for something that Dan Chartrand doesn't like, who is he to do otherwise? Nobody. Government lawyers aid and abet the crooks and use all sorts of twisted logic so that the crooks can do what they please. Committees, lawyers, etc., are used by government to make excuses

Who votes for these people?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Gilman on the way up in her political career

Yikes: Exeter's "representation" in the NH House has one thing in mind: more government spending and control. Gilman supports a $15 minimum wage. What a cheapskate--why not raise it to $50. It's surprising how little she cares for the working class. Well, at least she's out of Exeter. I see her move to the statehouse as doing less harm to more people.

She nabbed 4700 votes. There are 14000 Exeter residents. A third of the population is not a mandate to me. 2/3 did not vote for her. (I know I am including children, but minimum age requirements are a form of ageism anyway, right?)

EPD: reckless driving

Epping Road, ~6:30 pm, Saturday 11/12. Somebody was passing Front Row toward town. Maybe he was going a few mph over 30. Maybe his lights were a little too bright. Whatever it was, the loitering EPD SUV pulled out of the brush on the outbound sound and almost caused an accident. No sirens and no flashing lights until after he pulled onto the right. Good thing oncoming traffic was far enough way.

Gotta issue those tickets!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Disgusting: PPD using trickery against drivers

Not surprising of course. Some Portsmouth residents are demanding the blood of their neighbor. Force evil cell phone users to pay up! So what does PPD do? They use undercover cops! They set up a sting to nab the evil-doers.

Will it be enough? If people still use their cell phones, will these mini Mussolinis demand the police to use their guns? What is it with people’s fetish for law enforcement? (Of course, it’s only enforcement of the laws they follow, not those they don’t—how many of these people drive higher than the posted speed limit?)

Notice, this has nothing to do with safety any more. This is just the growth and enforcement of bureaucracy. If it weren’t, someone might realize that traffic fatalities have increased since the cell phone ban.

The ratchet turns.