Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chartrand and Dean: corrupt as ever

Pay no attention, Citizen. Dan "beautify my storefront" Chartrand and Russ "100k in perpetuity" Dean have no interest in even the facade of honesty. They feed off each other: Chartrand supports Dean's crazy 7-year contract, and Dean supports Chartrand's wild spending. Both are corrupt cronies robbing the taxpayer blind. They are thieves.

Of note is Chartrand's (and Belanger's and Gilman's) excuse that their lawyer argues that the prior warrant article is non-binding. All well and good, but I'd say that doesn't matter. If the people vote for something that Dan Chartrand doesn't like, who is he to do otherwise? Nobody. Government lawyers aid and abet the crooks and use all sorts of twisted logic so that the crooks can do what they please. Committees, lawyers, etc., are used by government to make excuses

Who votes for these people?

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